The Importance of City Of Chattanooga in American History

Chattanooga_newChattanooga, Tennessee is not just one of the largest cities in America, It has got such rich historical heritage that people from all over the United States of America are visiting the city to get to know about it. Even the name Chattanooga has an Indian origin as it is derived from a word which points out to the Lookout Mountain at the edge of the city. The city of Chattanooga was always important as it was a ding post established by the chief of Cherokee Indians. That is why it was known as Ross’s Landing because the name of the Cherokee chief was John Ross.

Native American History

native_amerian_blackfeetEven though this trading post was quite useful for all the traders and settlers, it got its recognition because of the fact that all the Native American in that areas were forced to leave the area in the year 1938 and they were relocated to the state of Oklahoma where they had to settle at the designated Indian territory. The trail of their journey from Chattanooga to their destination point is called as Trail of Tears because of a large number of deaths suffered by the Native American tribes along the way.

History of Civil War

City of Chattanooga, Tennessee is not only famous for the Native American History but it has also paid a major part gfs_110865_2_6in the civil war in America. The city of Chattanooga has witnessed two important battles in the civil war where the Union Army was able to beat the Confederate Army. The Union Army under the leadership of Major General Ulysses Grant fought the battle of the Lookout Mountain and the Confederate Army was drove off the Lookout Mountain. Both the armies wanted to capture the city of Chattanooga because it was a major railroad junction with connected railroads to Georgia. After the Civil War was over, the Chattanooga junction was once again an important railroad junction and also a center for industrial and manufacturing development.

City of Floods

635891497511578979-GTY-506405874As the city of Chattanooga is surrounded by the mountains from three sides, it is quite prone to floods. There have been many major floods from the year 1867. The people from the city of Chattanooga decided to save the city in an innovative way. They decided to raise the height of the city so that the water from the floods won’t be able to do much damage. Therefore, they raised the city street level up to 15 feet. You can find the traces of such an innovative idea and execution of it in the basement level windows and arches which were actually the windows of the first floors of the homes and buildings


Chattanooga-Grand-Opening_030116-739x405Even though the coca cola was invested by a drug store keeper in Atlanta, the bottling of the drink was started in Chattanooga and only after this, the drink was made available in the other parts of the country and rest they are history. So people in the Unites States have to thank the Chattanooga businessman who thought to bottle the drink and sell it outside the drug store.