Post Quartermaster
1864 Post Quartermaster
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Women and children at the quartermasters residence

Office and Shops - Post Quartermaster.

This appears to be a different image than the most commonly seen by George N. Barnard.

Description: 'The board and batten structure at the left was the office of the post quartermaster....The house at the center was used by the post quartermaster....These buildings were on Poplar Street between Sixth and Seventh Street.'

Likely pictured include Michigan regiments, who arrived in Chattanooga in September of 1863 and remained for more than a year on a wide variety of projects in and around Chattanooga including roads and bridges.

The street shown no longer exist, but would be located just east of Highway 27, near the Chattanooga Workspace building (formally the St. Barnabas Senior Center).

There are several structures on Cameron Hill that I cannot immediately identify. Looking just above the residence chimney, there appears to be earthworks with multiple pipes or logs protruding. My best guess is a munitions magazine, as a later map shows 'Magazine Street' in that area. There are also 3 large cylinders that could be water storage or furnaces.

300x200 SOURCE: Metropolitan Museum of Art The more commonly seen image by Barnard
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