1895 - View from the Chattanooga Brewery

View from the Chattanooga Brewery

Digital Donation by: John Wilson |  CC-BY License  chattanoogahistory.COM Creative Commons License

Photo taken from atop the Chattanooga Brewery in 1895. This end of Broad Street appears to be little more than dirt. Several buildings are in a state of collapse and/or deconstruction. Yet just blocks away, paved streets are alive with commerce. This ‘industrial’ focus on Chattanooga’s riverfront continued into the late 1970s. Soon thereafter; visionary changes would transform all of downtown - and make the riverfront a jewel that it is today.
Can you find the woman pushing a baby carraige amongst the 'rubble'?

Our higher-resolution past...

John Wilson provided this image as a digital donation. It is a high resolution scan from a ‘true’ photo print. As with film negatives, actual prints (non-digital) made from the negatives hold a significant amount of image detail. Another print from the same vantage point was not usable for deep zoom - as it was a digital copy - printed at a fixed resolution of 300DPI (dots per inch). The difference is obvious when compared.




Special thanks to Kennard Yamada and his Mavic Pro Drone for capture of the 2017 image.

Why the drone?

Many may find it hard to believe, but in 1895, there was a taller building where the photographer captured the image. The Chattanooga Brewery was located approximately where the Mellow Mushroom, High Point Climbing Wall & a parking garage now occupy.

Photo shoot location for 1895 view