1895 Looking East


Digital Donation: David Hawley  CC-BY License  chattanoogahistory.COM Creative Commons License

1895 - View East from the Roof of the Chattanooga Brewing Company

John Wilson of Chattanoogan.com features a detailed article about this photo and points of interest.

Invariably Adequate

Digital printing as 'just good enough' technology.

The photo presented above was provided by Chattanooga Attorney David Hawley and scanned at 2400DPI. The resulting details are remarkable. We can compare it to a digital printed copy of the same photo that was previously scanned. The blue button above allows you to see the difference.

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Prior to digital photo printing (~late 1990s), analog prints were continuously variable in tone. Today, all digital prints are made up of tiny dots that, when viewed by human eyes, look continuous, but only at the intended printed size. That standard is 300DPI (dots per inch). There is no room for enlargement from a digital print.

C. C. Shelton Flour Mill