1902 - Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain
1902 - Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain
SOURCE: Library of Congress Digital Archives
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Points of Interest

wheland foundry

Chattanooga Foundry and Pipe Co. originated in 1882. "the monolithic husk that greets Chattanooga visitors traveling into town from the west. It joined Wheland Foundry — founded in 1866 — in the sooty heart of Chattanooga's industrial hub.
The plants produced pipes, auto brakes, cast iron fittings, valves and hydrants in Chattanooga for more than 100 years. Wheland once produced gray and ductile iron brake castings and drums for nearly half of all vehicles made in North America."

SOURCE: Smith, Ellis (October 7th, 2012) Converting shuttered U.S. Pipe and Wheland plants to commercial, housing space. timesfreepress.com Retrieved from: LINK

Ross' Towhead

Pre-TVA Dams; we see islands that are no longer here. Just around 'Moccasin Point' peninsula known as Moccasin Bend. "Not only did travelers have to navigate this difficult stretch, they had to deal with Ross’ Towhead (a tiny island now part of the ground supporting I-24) and its shallows, known as Buffalo Ford. The islet, named for Daniel Ross, lay opposite Moccasin Point’s “pinky toe”, and the ford just upriver of it.

SOURCE: Hamilton, Chuck (April 04, 2013) River Hazards in the Chattanooga Vicinity. Chattanoogan.com. Retrieved from LINK

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