1902 - From North Chattanooga Looking South
~1902 - From North Chattanooga Looking South

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Several buildings seen along Fraizer Ave. are still with us. The former location of North Chattanooga Lunch. How this tiny building remains, I don't know. Just next door, the building that houses a Subway was an early structure along planked sidewalks in 'Hill City' - Now known as North Shore.

Magic Foods

"...the Magic Food Company was founded in 1891 by I.C. Mansfield. Mr. Mansfield was born in 1841 near Fort Valley, Georgia and fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War. Around the time that the photograph of Cameron Hill and the company’s sign was taken, Magic Food was based at 100-110 Carter Street..." "Mansfield’s guaranteed line included tonics for poultry, cattle, and horses. Just as today’s automobiles require care and feeding, horses also needed maintenance if one wanted to have reliable transportation. Magic Foods supplied distemper cure, hoof ointment, liniment, and “Magicoleum.”

SOURCE: Harmon Jolley (March 21, 2008) Remembering the Magic Food Company. Chattanoogan.com Retrieved from: LINK

Magic Food

Letterhead of Magic Food - "Magic All Healing Liniment for Man & Beast"

Fairly close to the same vantage point today.

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