Live and Let Live Drug Co.

The Live and Let Live Drug Company
Market at East 7th

SOURCE: Chattanooga Public Library
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Live & Let Live Drug Company

The Central Block Building, constructed in 1883, was designed in the Victorian Italianate style. The three story brick structure is one of the oldest commercial buildings in downtown Chattanooga and is, unfortunately, the only building remaining from the building boom of 1883.

From 1891-1919 the Live and Let Live Drug Store appears to be the business that the Central Block is most associated with - a popular social gathering spot with a soda fountain and seating for seventy five.
Details at the National Register of Historic Places

  American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, 1909:

"The story of the Live and Let Live Drug Company is in harmony with the expansion of the soda fountain industry. The company began business 18 years ago (1891)... The fountain measures 40 feet in length, and costs $6,000. The dispensing counters are built of selected imported marbles, combining white Italian and Alps green with bronze decorations...

The wall display is of an original design, with modern Renaissance treatment. Six turned columns of genuine Mexican onyx support the canopy and add massiveness to the display. At either end of the structure the columns are reflected in French plate mirrors placed behind them. The leaded art glass decorations in the soffit and over the columns are so arranged as to produce a gorgeous effect by electric lighting from behind, bringing out all the rare beauty of design and rich coloring of the glass. Panels of inlaid onyx are placed along the front and each end of the cornice and topping the centre section at each end of the pediment are placed art glass globes set in metal supported and electric lighted."

Tile Floor at United Way of Chattanooga
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