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50th year Anniversary Edition, July 1, 1928


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Physical newspaper copy loaned by Jim Douthat.
Manually scanned and processed for searchability by Sam Hall.

July 1st, 1928, The Chattanooga Times published a special 'Jubilee Number' edition in celebration of its 50th Anniversary since Adolph Ochs purchased the struggling morning edition paper, becoming publisher at age 20. Ochs would go on to purchase the New York Times in 1896.

These pages are unique in the quality of printing - with 4 illustrated sections utilizing a 'rotogravure' process. The pages are filled with details of Chattanooga's history, making it a valuable research tool. Also evident is the prideful self-promotion of the newspaper itself. While a bit boastful by today's standards, the newspaper industry was at the peak of its dominance.

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