1955 North Market at Frazier & Cherokee
1955 - North Chattanooga

A 'Faux' Panorama:
The panorama above was pieced together from an imperfect set of photos. The photographer changed locations for at least one of the shots, creating some significant 'point of view issues' when trying to stitch them together. Consider the above a creative interpretation of those images.


Original Photos


Google Streetview

Looking west up Cherokee Boulevard from North Market Street. American Lava Corporation on the left; Hamilton National Bank on the right.
Corner of Cherokee Boulevard and North Market Street showing Hamilton National Bank, Town and Country Restaurant, and Kathryne Parker's Salon.
Looking east down Frazier Avenue at North Market Street and Cherokee Boulevard. Pictured on the left is Kathryne Parker's Salon (located in Moses Building, erected 1919) and on the right, Northside Pharmacy, and U. S. 5 & 10.

Perhaps the most iconic building in these images is the Town & Country Restaurant. During its 58 year reign the T&C held a special place in the hearts and appetites of Chattanoogans. It opened in 1947. The signature multi-story neon sign is remembered by anyone who lived in the area. The top of the sign featured a horse-drawn Surry Coach. Movement of the horses legs and wagon wheel rotation was simulated by alternating neon lights. (Photo wanted!) The Town and Country was known for its great food and consistent home-style recipes. During any weekday, one would likely see several luncheons in progress in the meeting rooms that were adjacent to a gently sloping hallway, at the top of which were the restrooms, pay phones, and in earlier days - cigarette machines. June 30th, 2005 was the last day in business.

The Hall family that operated T&C made a financial decision to lease the land to Walgreens - which occupies that location today.

The Town & Country Dining Room of the 1960s

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