1962 vs. 2014
1962 & 2014
1962 Photo SOURCE: Chattanooga Public Library
2014 Photo SOURCE: Warren - McLelland Aerial Photography
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Yes! You can have two deep zoom 'containers' on the same page and these images present a good opportunity to do so.

The top photo is cira 1962; from the Paul A. Hiener Collection at the Chattanooga Public Library. In the foreground the continuing construction of Highway I-124 can be seen (later known as simply: Highway 27 North).

Special thanks to Matt McClelland of Warren-McClelland Ariel Photography for providing the lower photo - very close to the same view in March of 2014. Differences in camera lenses also affect how well each image matches the other.

Unfortunately, far fewer negatives exist for photos of the ‘film era’. Perhaps their small size made them more easily lost. The result is evident with the 1962 scan of an 8 x 10 photo. Compare this to a photo taken 53 years earlier at almost twice the distance. And finally, a modern digital camera image for comparison.

Why does the 1909 image look relatively good?

  • It was scanned from the original negative. Negatives contain far more information than can be represented on an 8x10 print.
  • The 1909 negative itself was 8x10 inches vs. a modern full-frame image sensor of 24mm high x 36mm wide.

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