1967 | A Kodachrome Time Capsule

Three views

Photo credit: Jerry Parker | CC-BY License  chattanoogahistory.COM Creative Commons License

Thank you Jerry Parker!

When Jerry Parker visited Chattanooga in September of 1967, he took some pictures as many visitors typically do. Now living in Murfreesboro, Jerry kindy loaned the negatives to me to be scanned at a higher resolution. The results are really fantastic.

He also did something wonderful that I personally promote. He took 'uncommon' photos.

Let's face it - posed people smiling for the camera, dogs, cats, and flowers will be very uninteresting as time goes on. Take a moment to photograph the larger scene of the street, an event, or anything that may seem normal in this moment in time. In only a few decades it will become more and more interesting. Sam Hall's ramblings from the ABOUT page


Kodak's iconic Kodachrome film was manufactured in various formats for over 74 years; ceasing production in late 2010. Its rich deep colors and fine details are fully demonstrated in these three photos from 1967. 35mm slides became a popular format amongst professionals and amateurs who valued ease of storage and display via projector.

Best of all - the original film was less likely to be misplaced or thrown away.


Chattanooga's 2nd tallest skyscraper is seen under construction. Known as the SunTrust Building since 1995, it was built by American National Bank - whose logo is forever embedded in the structure.

A souvenir change bank was a popular incentive to lure new deposit accounts (see photos).

Also visible, The Hamilton National Bank Building's new facade is nearing completion here. You can see the last windows being covered over by the new 'skin'. In 1976, HNB was declared insolvent by the FDIC, and its assets transferred to First Tennessee Bank.