Post-Urban Renewal / Pre-Revival

South view

 Two 35mm slides matched


 35mm slide

Post-urban renewal / Pre-revival

Two views taken at a time just before Chattanooga's downtown revitalization began. I remember 1979 well, but not so much about downtown because at that time, the sidewalks were ‘rolled up at sundown’ as some might say.

A view to the south shows a newly built ‘Krystal Building’ and Bicentennial Library. This was likely taken from the new Republic Centre (1977) and Chattanooga’s tallest building at 300’.

But beyond that are mostly the remnants of rail lines that once fed Union Station - long since demolished during the Olgiatti administration and urban renewal.

The second view shows a riverfront sans Aquarium, and a rusted and recently closed Walnut Street Bridge awaiting an uncertain future.

Overview of major building growth since 1979
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This rusting and weed-filled landscape would soon explode in development to include:

  • TVA Buildings I, II, & III (1980)
  • The Tallan Building (1982)
  • Chattanooga Marriott Convention Center (1985)
  • The Chattanoogan Hotel (2001)
  • Electric Power Board Building (2006)

SOURCE: Emporis Chattanooga Buildings

Chattanooga History Center

Some lovely blasts from the past:

  • The Town & Country Restaurant sign just over the trees.
  • A billboard for a competitor, The Loft.
  •  A memorable slogan over the Market St. Bridge:
  • This Year Vacation Here
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