Pre-Revitalized Chattanooga

2021 vs. ~1970
Looking Southwest

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'Pre-Revitalization' Chattanooga

Whether viewing as a historical reference or just for ‘fun’, this interactive image compares Chattanooga of the early 1970s to a 2021 view. Riverfront Parkway was under construction. Cameron Hill lays barren – with the Cameron Hill apartments soon to be built.

Long time residents remember a downtown without a TN Aquarium, Riverfront, or any reason to remain after the workday ended. It would be another decade before visionaries began transforming the city into a iconic story of success.

The black & white photo was scanned from an 8x10 true-photo print (non-digital). Though a half-century old, details are comparable to a high-resolution full-frame digital camera view from the drone.

Due to different lenses and field of views, 'liberties' were taken in Photoshop on the current day photo to augment geography and better overlay the older view.

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