3200 Block - Brainerd Road

Brainerd Road: 3200 Block

Digital Donation: Evelyn K. Chamberlain |  2020 Photos by Sam Hall

This multi-suite building just past the McCallie Tunnels – represents some of the early commercial expansion past Missionary Ridge on the newly renamed Brainerd Road (formally Bird's Mill Road).

In the early decades of the 20th century, a commercial real estate agent named Lewis Duncan (1879-1964) used photographs to create panoramas of available properties. At the time, this was strictly a manual process using carefully composed photos, cut & assembled side by side.

These photos were found & digitally donated by Evelyn K. Chamberlain via Carol Putnam. Evelyn’s notes show them to be from ‘John Duncan’ - most likely Lewis’s son.

Businesses Here

  • 3228 - Thedford Hardware & Paint Co.
  • 3230-32 - Redford Stores Co.
  • 3234-36 - Patterson's Grocery
  • 3238 - Becker's Bakery
  • 3240-44 - Brainerd Drug Co.
  • 3246-50 - Coker Stores
  • 3252-54 - Hill H. G. Co. Grocery