Chattanooga History - 1900 Looking East towards downtown
~1900 Looking East Towards Downtown

Image from glass plate negative. What the skyline looked like in Chattanooga around 1900. Several church steeples are visible in the background.

It’s unknown exactly where the photo was taken from. However, based on the positions of the Dome Bldg., court house, and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church - it was likely from the higher elevations of East Terrace on the southern side of Cameron Hill. Neither the street, nor the elevation remains after the ‘West Side Renewal Projects’ of the 50s and 60s.

"If you plotted East Terrace on today’s map of Chattanooga, it would be between Gateway Avenue and Boynton Drive, near the Towers Apartments on West Martin.Luther King Boulevard."

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1900 historical photo Chattanooga
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