Visual Legacy
Visual Legacy
Crystal Clear Views of the Past

Two remarkable glimpses into the past captured in the 1890s.
Generously shared by Jerry Wormsley of Falling Water.

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View of Capt. H. S. Chamberlain's residence last seen over 60 years ago.

Icon of the Gilded Age

“Captain Hiram Sanborn Chamberlain had one of the finest mansions and the one with the best view on Cameron Hill. Situated at the south end of the East Terrace at a narrow point of the hill, it afforded dramatic vistas looking toward the Moccasin Bend of the Tennessee River and the surrounding mountains as well as across downtown Chattanooga to Missionary Ridge and beyond.” READ MORE:

Intersection of W. 9th, East Terrace, and Magazine Street.

Centered in the view, the home of John Wesley (J.W.) Adams. He was an active developer and architect of post-Civil War Chattanooga. “Several Of The Finest Houses On The East Terrace Were Designed And Built By John Wesley Adams.” READ MORE:


The name "Magazine Street" originated from a munitions magazine dug deep into the East side of Cameron Hill by the Union Army in 1864.

magazine street
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