W. M. Cline Company - Photo Album 1
W. M. Cline Photo Album 1

All images below were rescued from imminent disposal. Despite severe damage to the negatives - remarkable views from the past come to life. Each negative was hand captioned, and utilized a unique catalog numbering system. Negative envelopes include the matching numbers, along with notes on postcard re-order quantities.

Shared by permission and efforts of Cathy Cline and Haley Cline Morgan, daughters of W. M. Cline Jr.

Interstate Glass HouseI-V-30

Fleetwood Coffee Van 1938

Stuckey's at Jasper TNI-T-30

Pines Motel Restaurant - Chatsworth GAI-U-176

Soda Fountain at Chickamauga DamI-V-49

Soda Fountain and Souvenir Shop - Chickamauga DamI-V-47

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Commercial Client Work

Within the negatives includes examples of work done for other photographers such as Roy Tuley, Stanrich Studios, and Ward's Photo of Dalton, GA. Cline specialized in creating captioned postcards used to promote businesses. Several WAPO radio personalities had their own sets of cards.

Bill Nash - WAPOCommercial

Peanut Faircloth - WAPOCommercial

Carol Glenn - WAPOCommercial

Rome Benedit's OrchestraWAPO

Dalton HS Cheer SquadCommercial

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Trouble in Paradise

Lewis Morphy developed a resort at the Paradise Cave on Dayton Mountain in 1957. It lasted less than a year.

Jo-Ann, a Cave Girl Hostess

Paradise Cave, Dayton, Tenn.

Cherokee, NC

During the 'Trail of Tears' in 1838-1839 a few hundred Cherokees avoided forced removal and remained in the mountains of North Carolina. They organized and formed a corporation in 1870 to be able to purchase and hold additional lands. Today, within the ‘The Qualla Boundary’, is territory held as a land trust by the United States government for the federally recognized Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Chief Standing Deer 1935I-P-15

Cherokee Basket Makers 1931I-P-10

Street Scenes

Cline captured snapshots of everyday life in small towns across 24 states, providing equal attention to each community he encountered. These photographs serve as valuable glimpses into the past, potentially representing the only surviving visual records of these places in their prime.

Rossville GAI-V-208

Lookout Mtn. TN Business SectionI-V-60

Chickamauga GAI-R-119

Dayton TNZ-168

Lafayette GAI-R-7

Jasper TN I-T-106