What Remains
What Remains
 Scanned 5x4" Negative

© Roy Tuley Photography

This Roy Tuley aerial photo was likely taken in the mid-late 1940s. A duplicated layer has been created showing only buildings that remain standing in 2014. All others are masked out in red. Use the buttons at the top right to toggle the view.

There are remarkably few structures that still stand. This may reflect a typical lifespan of a changing urban landscape. However, I suspect Chattanooga’s push toward ‘Urban Renewal’ during the late 1950s through the early ‘70s wiped out more architecture than usual.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If you find a building that is visible in this image, but not marked as remaining, please zoom to it and frame it to the image window. Copy the 4 coordinates shown in the box above. Contact me or post a comment below with all pertinent information. (Not available during the full-screen zoom).

Last update: 5 Jan 2024

Thumbnail images and descriptions sourced from Chattanooga Library

Southern Hotel
Triangular building located at 9th, Chestnut and Carter Streets, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Originally constructed as the Palace Hotel in 1887, it became the Southern Hotel 1890. Bought by the Southern Express Company 1908, the building was demolished 1972.
American National Bank
Main office of the American National Bank and Trust Company, located at 736 Market Street from 1928-1967. The building was covered in Italian marble, at a cost of more than five hundred-thousand dollars. Today's building was erected on old site in 1968 - and became SunTrust Bank in 1995. Adjacent businesses: Russell Stover Candies and Wormser Hats.
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church located at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Oak Street. Built 1888; razed 1968.
Centenary Methodist Church
Methodist church located at McCallie and Lindsay Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee from 1922-1977. Centenary Methodist Church merged with First Methodist Church in 1967 to form First Centenary United Methodist Church. This building was razed in 1977, but the columns were kept to be used in the recreational building for new First-Centenary United Methodist Church, dedicated in 1973.
Power Building
Power Building built by the Tennessee Electric Power Company in 1922, and located at Market and 6th Streets in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The large electric signs on top of the building were put in place in 1924.
Masonic Temple
Building constructed ca. 1890, originally home of Mountain City Club. Located on southeast corner Cherry and 7th Streets. Acquired by the Masons in 1899; razed 1960. Businesses on 1st floor included Macrae & Stuart Insurance and A. N. Sloan & Company.
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