Eastgate Mall
1962 Eastgate Center and Brainerd Village

© Roy Tuley Photography

This is the first color photo on chattanoogahistory and the 2nd photo posted from the collection shared by the daughters of Roy Tuley, a professional photographer who was very active in Chattanooga from the 1940s-1960s. It is said Roy often flew with Harry Porter ( 1894-1988), who first flew in 1923 and was recognized at age 90 as being the oldest active pilot in the United States.

Brainerd Mission

In the center of the photo, an unassuming clump of trees marks the cemetery of a historically significant, yet often forgotten place.

The Brainerd Mission was named for a revered New England missionary David Brainerd, who died in 1747.

Before Chattanooga appeared on maps, the Brainerd Mission earned a prominent place in history.
"The 1820s and 1830s were a time of profound sorrow for the Cherokee Indians, the people indigenous to the Chattanooga area. In one of the darkest chapters in our nation's history, federal and state governments stripped the Cherokees of their national identity and ultimately their homeland. Yet amidst all the broken promises, there were some who kept faith with the Cherokees. Foremost among these were the men and women of the Brainerd Mission, which operated for two decades before it was ended in 1838 by the United States forced removal of the Cherokees to the West."

The Brainerd Mission: Steadfast Love in an Age of Betrayal

Source: ourchattanooga.com, article by Steve Marsh

"Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set."

Proverbs 22:28

Birth of an empire

Eastgate Center opened in 1962 and was developed by Independent Enterprises, founded in 1961 by Moses Lebovitz, Charles Lebovitz, and Jay Solomon. From these early efforts CBL & Associates was formed.
Today, CBL is one of the largest mall REITs in the United States and owns, holds interests in or manages 150 properties.
In 1987, CBL opened its flagship property a few miles away, Hamilton Place Mall. CBL's headquarters are located in the perimeter of this regional mall.

You may also notice that Eastgate Center was not initially enclosed. Instead, open-air corridors with a fountain, including swans was a centerpiece. Eastgate has since been successfully repurposed as a host to non-retail businesses and organizations.

8/5/12 timesfreepress.com article by Mike Pare

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