Chattanooga Glass Plates - Set 5

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Bonus video!

I’ve created what will hopefully be the first of several videos that focus on how the glass plate images are researched to reveal locations and identify people. In this short video - you’ll see how one of the first acquired glass plates matched up to locations in images from two other collections.

It’s very likely there were several young men in their early 20’s who enjoyed photography and /or worked together at D. B. Loveman’s Department Store. The only photographer identified from this group is featured in this video: C. G. Walline.


Sitting on the front porch of 704 East Main Street, an unidentified woman reads a first edition printing of The Virginian. Published in 1902, the novel set in the Wild West by the American author Owen Wister. It was the first true western ever written, aside from short stories and pulp dime novels. The Virginian paved the way for many more westerns by such authors as Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, and several others.1

1SOURCE: Wikipedia
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...the Water's Fine

She’s not camera shy. Likely taken somewhere along South Chickamauga Creek, a young lady appears to want to ensure she’s close enough to the camera - donning her large brimmed hat. Behind her, the residence is a patchwork of wooden planks, constructed to less than exacting standards. Note the bucket on a long pole. Perhaps a method of water transport from the ground to the porch?

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The Incline Delivers

The Incline #2 was built to shuttle guests to the Lookout Inn; a grandiose tourist hotel built in 1890 - destroyed by fire in 1908. A chair is tagged for delivery:
"A.J. Marble
Lookout Inn
Chattanooga, Tenn"

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Little Rascals

I suspect these kids were asked to wait while the photographer set up the camera - and were growing bored. Some handled that eternity better than others. Their expressions are amusing and adorable.

I’m so glad casual clothing had been ‘invented’ by the time I was a kid.

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Corruption of Youth

Obviously a posed shot - but I’m not sure what the original intention was. The young man looks a little too proud of himself in assisting the young lady light her cigarette. This appears to be on East 4th Street. The Fields & Snodgrass Lumber Yard looms on the other side of the street.

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In the Study

The ‘study’ area of 107 Payne Street, where one of the suspected photographers lived. Use of a flash is evident. Some interesting decorations include a giant starfish, and Native American snow shoes. A Square Grand Piano from the Great Union Piano-Forte Company is seen on the right. The Square piano was the most popular style in the 19th century - but was quickly displaced by the American upright piano.

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