Chattanooga History Downtown Late 1950s aerial photo
Downtown aerial view - Late 1950s

Description: Photographic print of downtown Chattanooga in the late 1950s, bird's eye view, looking north across the river. Walnut Street Bridge and Maclellan Island. Stamped on the back of the original photograph: "Aerial Photographic Service, Lovell Field, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This 60+ year old view comes from a high-resolution scan of a print. While this limits the clarity, it does provide a unique historical view of this part of town. A significant number of homes have become parking lots. At the lower left, there is a large parking lot across from the court house that soon became the Provident (now Unum) Life Insurance Building. Construction began in the fall of 1958.

Google Maps View from same area ~ 2011

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