Manufacturers Road
Manufacturers Road


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900 Manufacturers Rd.

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700 Manufacturers Rd.

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Fuel Tanks

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Current day overview

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Chattanooga aerials: 1956-1960 (estimated)

Manufacturers Road is the home to a large number of businesses. The most well known - The Chattanooga Baking Company, is the maker of the world-famous Moon Pie. However, the area's retro industrial look is in stark contrast to the city's 'improved' areas. It's likely that aesthetic and land use improvements will be seen in the future.

'...Pretty or not, the industries along the city's northern waterfront keeps people employed, generate revenue and they aren't likely going anywhere soon ... three projects in the mix may be strong first steps toward upgrading the largely industrial area to be more like the rest of 21st century Chattanooga. The next planned extension of the Tennessee Riverwalk, a forthcoming Manufacturers Park and improving the roads connecting the waterfront to the Moccasin Bend National Archeological District may all work together to transform the westward stretch of Manufacturers and Hamm roads -- if they get funded.' SOURCE: From eyesore to attraction: Manufacturers Road area targeted for beautification in Chattanooga.
By Louie Brogdon 10/28/2013

Source: Chattanooga-Hamilton Co. Regional Planning Agency.
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