About the Chattanooga 1928 Plat Book

1928* Plat Book

The Chattanooga History Center made available a large bound volume of plat maps dated 1928. This type of book was meant to be updated regularly via subscription service, so pages inside include many carefully cut & pasted overlaid information updates.

This large book weighs over 15 lbs and measures 18” wide and 23.5” tall.

There are double-wide linen-backed pages of plats plus indexes. All are bound together with fine-threaded brass screws.

In order to digitize the pages, I disassembled the book and scanned each page in halves - requiring 4 scans per plat.

These were reassembled in Photoshop, exported by page and then processed in Deep Zoom Composer.

There are 40 pages featured.

* It's likely this book has been updated well into the 1930s but the content is not dated. Also, it's unclear if all pages were updated or just some.


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