Chattanooga Spring Festival

Chattanooga Spring Festival
Five Views



The Midway was a popular street fair typical of the early 1900s. Seen here in the shadow of the Customs House - vendors' booths vary greatly, from flour to whisky. The ‘Stone Fort’ limestone outcropping looms on the right, and appears to be an attraction unto itself.


The long tube at the end of the walkway is a Russell Threshing Machine used to shoot confetti. A Ferris Wheel can be seen. Overhead - the long glass tubes are carbon arc lamps. At night these would brightly illuminate the entire area.

Likely 1902-‘03

Taken from the Customs House, we see more attractions such as the Spiral Tower Act. Posters for “The Stone Lady” appear in booths. 'Popcorn Crisps' for sale. Both the Ferris wheel and confetti blowing Russell Threshing machine return.

Parade View

The floral parade passes the corner of 7th and Market at the Third National Bank. An ICE COLD BEER banner gently flaps in the wind above.
Negative acquired by Mitch Kinder. Even in bright sunlight - the motion blur is evident due to longer exposure times needed for the photography of the day.

Parade View

Another view in the 800 block of Market Street. A probable reviewing stand is adorned with banners. And, a 45 star US flag confirms the date range of 1896-1908.
Negative acquired by Mitch Kinder & generously donated to The Chattanooga History Museum.

A manually colorized image from 1901 - #16 is ready for the floral parade. Clues suggest this is on East 5th Street.