William H. Stokes Collection

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West 9th Street looking East | 538

Georgia Ave. | 545

Will H Stokes Photo Collection

Graffiti as Advertising

A view just below of the W on the namesake road includes a curious bit of graffiti on the stone bluff. Some searching revealed it was, in fact, advertising for ANTI-FUT-SWET, a ‘remedy for excessive perspiration’.

The W Road | 309

Bluff Street | 391

Market Street | 720

Will H Stokes Photo Collection

Stoke's Car

Here's a clear example of the value of historic newspaper digitization. The Nashville Tennessean is digitized and searchable. I found a reference to Will H. Stokes registering his new car in 1914 - complete with plate number. This photo includes his Overland and likely his wife looking potentially impatient for him to complete the shot. Few Chattanooga newspapers are digitized despite options to do so at little to no cost. Read more here.

Signal Mountain Road & Trolley | 735

1st Baptist Church & Grant U. | 589

View East from the Customs House | 284

St. Elmo | 537

View from East End (Central) Avenue | 277 & 277.5

From Point Park | 703

From Missionary Ridge | 225

More on the way...

More Stoke’s photos will be posted as time and resources allow. Each print is scanned, and post-processed to restore color fading. Some damaged areas that can be repaired in Photoshop are done. The sepia-tone is reapplied from the original scan. And, original scans are always kept.