Tannery Flats | Industrial District

Tannery Flats
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SOURCE: Matt L. Brown Family

8 x 10in. Glass Plate Negatives ~1888-1906

Two views separated by a few years, of an early industrial district south of Cameron Hill. This area also included a neighborhood, later known as Tannery Flats; originally built for workers at Roane Iron Works - later becoming low-income tenement houses.

The Point Hotel - a Guilded Age property built in 1888, can be seen in both photos. Monuments near Craven's House appear only in the 2nd photo.

Matthias Livingston Brown

Matt L. Brown worked with Will Stokes briefly before Stoke's death in 1922, and continued to work as Manager of Stokes Photography. The city directory lists him with 'Brown & Seeley Commercial Photographers' in 1937. By 1942 listed as 'Matt L. Brown & Co.'. His son, Richard D. Brown (in the photo) also worked as a photographer by the late 1930s. It is thought one of Richard's children preserved these photos.

From all known evidence, it is likely these are original Stokes Glass Plate Negatives.


Approximate current view of the same scene via Google Earth