Buster Brown Hosiery

Buster Brown Hosiery
Employee Group Photos

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The dramatic range of styles and facial expressions intrigue me in these photos, especially the ‘National Defense Day’ of September 12, 1924. With WWI still a recent event, every community was to demonstrate in a great show of patriotism the readiness of the people to immediately join in military mobilization, if called upon. Many wave 48-star flags.

Their right to vote had only been ratified a mere 4 years earlier; as was prohibition.

Five years later, the Great Depression would begin.

This was apparently a day to get ‘dolled up’ - many sporting retrospectively ridiculous hats while others appear to be seducing the camera. Some faces cannot hide the worry and troubles they endure.

What strikes me the most is how ‘familiar’ many appear to me - perhaps great grandmothers of people I know now.

A second image reflects a far more casual appearance with family members at the ballfield.