Wonderful Dynamo of Dixie | WDOD Radio
Wonderful Dynamo of Dixie
April 13th, 1925 Chattanooga’s first radio station signed on the air.

It remained the only radio station in Chattanooga for 11 more years and was the heir to all the benefits of the ‘Golden Age of Radio'.

Here, you can explore a visual trove that only hints at the station’s 86 year story; one of American ingenuity and private ownership whose services entertained the region, launched careers, and touched countless lives.

Much of the content here is provided by my father, Parks Hall, a widely respected radio engineer - now retired. He was WDOD AM/FM’s Chief Engineer for over 35 years beginning in 1967. His photos, and other retrieved items form a cache of history - now being featured here along with other unique finds.

Please note this is just one part of the enormous story of WDOD. It would take volumes of books to include all the stories and photos available. If you have photos to donate - you may submit them here.

by S. Parks Hall
37-year employee / Chief Engineer, 1967-1998

Looking out toward the Tennessee River you will see no trace of the three majestic tapered self-supporting towers that for 70 years radiated a signal to untold numbers of listening ears... I would like to share some of my memories and thoughts that bring me to consider this station’s unique place in the history of radio broadcasting in Chattanooga... To explore the history of WDOD is to journey through much of the history of radio broadcasting...

1946 Promo Brochure

This wonderful print piece reflects the optimism of post-World War II, and encompassed the pinnacle of WDOD's radio eminence. Note the sneak-peaks into new technologies such as FM, radar, and Television. WDOD came close to also becoming the first TV station - but ultimately was not chosen as the license recipient from the FCC.

Articles and Items

Newspaper & magazine articles, flyers and physical objects that tell the story of WDOD-AM across its 86 year history.

1942 Hall Family Radio with original stations set

Courtesy: S. Parks Hall

Photo Album

Miscellaneous photos spanning decades.

Sexy trade ads

WDOD ran a series of ads targeting time buyers across the country; apparently all men. It's not known how effective the sexily sketched girls were in luring more dollars to the station.

Countless times, I recall visiting the sights, sounds, and smells of radio in the 60s & 70s at WDOD. The large black teletype machine suddenly whirring, then coming to life - loudly typing out news stories from AP and UPI. The air was filled with aromas of cigarettes, coffee, and ozone generated from the equipment.

Station IDs & Jingles

Experience the smooth sounds of the top of the hour ID. Select from the options below.

CBS Radio Programs

What looks much like a TV line-up is strictly radio - with many names you'll recognize. This is what entertained the nation's households every night.

Interviews with WDOD's founders
by Earl Freudenberg

Recorded interviews with Earl Winger and Normal Thomas recorded in the early '80s.

“And remember, nothing’s forever honey.”
- Tommy Jett
Photo by Ben Johnston

WDOD-AM signed off permanently on May 31, 2011. The transmitter property was sold to the Baylor School (which will use the land for expansion). The following day, the license was returned to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Inclimete weather toppled the center tower in 2007. It was replaced at considerable expense. Only 4 years later, all towers were removed.

WDOD- FM remains as a successful 100,000 watt regional station, and is owned by Bahakel Communications, Ltd. - a private company that purchased the stations in 1963.