WDOD - File Upload Page
Please read instructions carefully

Thank you for considering sharing your WDOD-AM history.

If you have original photos related to the history of WDOD-AM to share with others, you can upload them here.

Please understand this site is a hobby, so it may take some time to add to the collection.

NOTE: Not all photos are usable in the zoom pages.

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Guidelines for images:

Photos intended for 'Deep Zoom' must be suitable in size and quality.

Scans of negatives or slides provide the best quality.

Scans of prints must be from real photographic prints, not typical consumer digital prints as they are limited to 300 DPI. If the photo was printed prior to the mid-1990's it's likely a real photo print and not digital.

Downloaded photos from social media are not accepted unless they are of sufficient size.

Pictures of pictures using mobile phones usually doesn't result in a useable photo.

Scanning Guidelines:

  • Scan small photos at 600DPI.
  • Scan larger photos (5x7" and larger) at 300DPI.
  • Scans from negatives are best. 35mm slides and negatives must be at 2400DPI, or higher if possible, but can work at smaller sizes.