Woodlawn Heights 1969

1969 Aerial Glass Plate
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I have some glass plates from 1969…

1969?! Surely the caller must be mistaken I thought. But yet - they were real. The donor rescued a few from many thrown out during a building clean-out years earlier. They are thick, heavy, and large - 9.5 inches square.
Identified as the named map area of ‘Woodlawn Heights’ it's more commonly known as a portion of Pineville Road as it extends onto Moccasin Bend. Many industrial areas have changed significantly - others very little. At the upper left, two of the three WGOW-AM radio towers can be seen.
In March of 1969, Ted Turner had recently purchased the station as WAPO, and changed the call letters just 3 months earlier.
MORE INFO David Carroll's Remembering 'Super GO' Radio, WGOW-AM 1150.

Diapositive Glass Plates

Prior to digital tools and GPS, glass plates were important in measuring and interpretation of aerial photographs in map making. Film negatives were transferred to positive images bound to glass. They were more dimensionally stable then film, making them useful in stereoplotting, aerotriangulation, point measurement, and other photogrammetric operations.


2008 Aerial Photos via USGS

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