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1907 - Market Street
SOURCE: Chattanooga Public Library - Paul Hiener Collection
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What?! Another Market Street Photo?

The often photographed view down Market Street does not disappoint. In 1907 the streets are full of energy as trolleys and horse-drawn wagons will rule the roads for just a few more years. This view was taken in the 800 block, looking north. Compare it to the other 1907 Market Street view from just a couple of blocks south. It was taken around 12:25pm in the afternoon (according to the Fischer & Bro. clock), and the lighting brings out better details in the closer subjects than the other view. The photo is from a 4x5" negative, vs. the magnificent 8x10" glass plate negatives that were popular in earlier days. A blurred figure running past the 'Avondale Sherman Heights' trolley reminds us of the longer exposure time needed than current photography.

Visible Businesses:

  • Everett Hall (John Church Co.)
  • Dux Schwartz Shoes
  • D. B. Loveman's
  • J.H. Templman Co. Organs and Pianos
  • Opera House
  • Wilcox Furniture Wholesale
  • Campbell Furniture Co.
  • S. T. & W. A. Dewees Grocery (delivery wagon)
  • The Globe Clothing / Hardie & Caudle
  • Edwards & LeBron Jewlers
  • Geismar's
  • Rosenthal Dry Goods
  • Davidson's - 811 Market Stree
  • ?__GE & Cline Photographers - 815 Market Street
  • L.B Graham Co.
  • Doctor Cobleigh (E. A. Cobleigh, M.D.)
  • Fischer & Bro. Jewelers
  • Timothy's

Riding in style with a chauffeur


Popular street clock of the era

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