Lookout Mountain Aerial View
1950s Lookout Mtn. Aerial View
 Scanned 5" x 4" Negative

© Roy Tuley Photography

A nice aerial shot just over Lookout Mountain reveals a post-World War II Chattanooga. The city is just a few years away from transformation via urban renewal, the demolition of over a thousand homes in and around Cameron Hill; as well as the coming Interstate Highway System. The downtown area would see the removal of much of the railroad tracks that were once core to the growth of the city. At the base of the mountain, the Broad Street Drive-In is clearly visible.

There's certainly enough information in this photo to narrow down when it was taken. Please comment below or contact me if you recognize such clues.

Some of the more obvious clues:
  • Broad Street Drive-In - believed to have opened in 1950.
  • No visible construction has begun on the Interstate system (I-24 & I-75) - Pre-1961?
  • Cameron Hill is intact (pre-1962)
  • No Olgiati Bridge is visible (pre-1959)

See a similar view from 1902

The Broad Street Drive in can be clearly seen at the base of the mountain. Unconfirmed info states it operated from 1950 to the late 1970s
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