Montgomery Ave.
Montgomery Ave.
Main St.

By this time this photo was taken by Will Stokes, Montgomery Avenue's slow name transition to ‘Main Street’ was underway. What would become a center of commerce was named for Rush Montgomery, a trial lawyer and early settler of Chattanooga.

This shared photo was scanned from an especially clear 8x10 print once owned by Ben B. Wilson. Embossed on the lower right; STOKES-FORSTNER, indicating it was sold after Stokes death in 1922 while Ed Forstner continued to operate the business. A copy of this view also appears in Paul Hiener’s Chattanooga Yesterday and Today, Vol. 1.

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Montgomery was a somewhat eccentric, great storyteller, and “full of life and vim and fun.” He was a very enthusiastic man who firmly believed that Chattanooga was destined to become a great city. Montgomery could “talk the loudest and longest” of anyone in Chattanooga. Sometimes he would mount a stump near the river and merchants and customers would leave the stores to listen to him. He boldly said that someday Chattanooga would have 200,000 people, a remark that caused “people to shake their heads wondering how anyone could believe such predictions.”

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Montgomery Ave.

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