1889 Chattanooga Plat Book
1889 Plat Maps

1889 Plat Book of Chattanooga TN, and Vicinity by G. M. Hopkins Co.

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 Frierson Block

Digitization by: Sam Hall, ChattanoogaHistory.com

This valuable resource was loaned for digitization courtesy of the Chattanooga Historical Society.

Donation by Mitch Kinder - Cleveland, TN who purchased it at Betts Engineering when the firm closed its doors several years ago.

J. A. Farleigh

Original owners were civil engineers.

James A. Fairleigh served as city engineer from 1887 to 1890, during which time he oversaw numerous municipal projects. He also served as resident engineer during the construction of the Walnut Street Bridge.

Raymond D. Betts (photo unavailable) was the Hamilton County Engineer, before moving to Mississippi in 1901 to become the Chief Engineer of the Vicksburg National Park. He was also a member of the Vicksburg National Park Commission.

Edward E. Betts, the younger brother of Raymond, served as assistant resident engineer during the construction of the Walnut Street Bridge. In 1892, he was appointed chief engineer for the Chattanooga and Chickamauga National Park. By 1911, Betts had become the chief engineer for Hamilton County.

Betts produced several military maps detailing troop movements and battles around Chattanooga.

Edward E. Betts

About Plat Maps

Plat maps are detailed real estate atlases that are valuable resources in research. Buildings footprints, lot sizes, as well as street names and addresses are documented as they were.

The online reproduction of this material is permitted because its copyright protection has lapsed or because sharing it here for non-profit educational purposes complies with the Fair Use provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Digitization Process

Plat books are large, and often in fragile condition. Each page represents one-half of the plate view. All were photographed with a Sony a7 III, full-frame digital camera.

Each image was corrected and aligned in PhotoShop to create accurate representations of the full maps.

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