Market Street - 1939 and 1917

1939 & 1917 Market Street




The most photographed street in Chattanooga...

From its beginnings as muddy thoroughfare during the city's earliest days, Market Street has been a hub of activity in Chattanooga. Today's decentralized & online economy scarely hints of its past retail glory.

Both photos were scanned at 1200dpi from 8x10" prints made in the mid-1940s. The 1939 view is remarkably detailed. The movie shown on Rialto Theater's marquee reveals the year for us. Spoilers of the Range (1939)

The older image is a Stokes photo (#719), although I have not seen it published other than as a postcard. It is likely from 1917 - marking the same year the US joined the Allies against the German Empire entering WWI.

Brick surrounding the trolley tracks gives way to pavement more suitable for cars.


(Click to Flip) Postmarked September 1918
Postmarked September 1918 (Click to Flip)

Other views of Market Street